Tori Stone

First Impressions

Tawnee Stone is one of the most popular teen models on the web. Tori Stone is her younger sister and when she saw how well her sister was doing posing naked on the internet she wanted in on the action. A quick call was all it took to set her up with a Lightspeed site and now you can watch as she gets naked for the cameras. Tori is arguably cuter than her sister and I think she’s got a hotter body. You can’t go wrong with either and if you join you get access to both sites.

Hot Promises

The photos in the member’s area are uncensored and exclusive, offering you a look at Tori’s fully naked body. By all accounts she has good taste in clothing, posing in the occasional lingerie set along with her cute teen outfits. She also poses with her sister from time to time. Bringing together her and Tawnee is a good idea as two girls are always hotter than one. They promise you access to 60 other sites as a member, but that’s a little deceptive since those sites are merely leased feeds and not full adult experiences.


The design choices are a little strange in the member’s area. The background is purple and the graphical headers for each content section are bright pink; it doesn’t go together and it seems like someone made a mistake. Nevertheless, it’s easy to find the content. They provide a list of the most popular updates and easy links to picture and video sections. You can also check out the Best of Lightspeed, which offers free picture galleries from each of the other 30 sites in the network. It’s a great way to get a look at what you’d get if you sign up for the full membership.

As soon as you break into the content you’ll be disappointed. I began with the solo picture sets and was deflated when I saw there were only 10. It’s equally depressing to know that the weekly updates they promise are actually bogus. Instead of adding a fresh set they merely recycle an old set. There will always be only 10 solo sets inside Tori Stone’s member’s area. On the plus side, Tori gets fully naked in each set so you’ll get to see her sweet body from head to toe.

On average the galleries feature 40-70 images. The thumbnails are a little too small for my taste, but it’s a concession they made so they could list 50 per page. Given their small size they load quickly, which is why they made that choice. There are two galleries that stand above the others. The first features Tori in a cute pair of sheer French cut panties and a sheer camisole. It’s one of only two lingerie galleries and for that it gets my love. The second starts out as a pajama gallery with Tori posing in satin pants and a white t-shirt. Then she strips off her jammies and she’s wearing a sexy lace bra and panty set.

Other photo galleries feature Tori posing in cute tank tops, denim shorts, workout clothes and more. What she’s provided for her members is awfully nice so it’s a huge disappointment that she offers so few. Part of the advertising campaign for Tori Stone was that she would appear in content with her sister Tawnee. There are four picture galleries where she and Tawnee pose naked together and they all have roughly 50 images. I have no idea if the girls are actually sisters, but they act as if they are in the galleries. Any touching is incidental so the joy comes from seeing both of them naked.

The best of the four galleries features both girls in sexy camisoles and boyshort panty sets. Tori’s outfit is made from delicious pink satin and Tawnee is wearing a baby blue lace set. The girls take their tops off and then strike a series of lovely poses. Eventually they get naked and sit next to each other with their pussies spread wide open. That’s awfully sexy and it delivers on all the promises made on the tour. With only four galleries to browse you’ll probably be done before you even get a hard on.

The last content section, the videos, is actually the largest. Tori has filmed 13 downloadable scenes for her members and they’re generally pretty good. Two feature Tori and Tawnee together and in one of those videos the girls are giving an interview to the man with the camera. It’s interesting to watch because you can learn a little about the ladies and you get to see them show off their tits. I was partial to the video where Tori shaves her pussy and the one where she fucks herself with a toy is pretty awesome as well.

There’s a screenshot gallery with each scene and I found it useful as a method of previewing the content. You can see before you commit to the download whether or not you’re going to like the scene. Each video comes in five formats: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. They’re generally 3-6 minutes long and play at 480x360, which is good but not great. They won’t look very good full screen.

Obviously there’s not enough content at ToriStone to warrant a membership, even if you love her to death. That’s why they provide lots of bonus content. First you’ve got the 150+ leased feeds which feature video and picture content in categories like porn stars, panties, cheerleaders and teens. Leased feeds are generally crappy and these are no exception but they’re still worth a look. More impressive are the nine bonus sites that come with the basic membership option. You can choose from any of the 31 Lightspeed sites to build your bonus collection. If you spend an extra $5 you get access to the entire network.

Croco’s Opinion

Tori Stone is a hottie and she looks fantastic naked, which is why it’s such a damn shame she’s produced so little content. A grand total of 14 picture galleries and 13 video lie within her member’s area and for $34.95 it’s not even close to worth it. Sure, the content she offers is hot but it just isn’t enough. If you’re going to pay that kind of money you have to make sure that the 9 bonus sites offered are right up your alley. You can choose from any of the 31 Lightspeed sites so have a look at them all before making your decision.


The design is a little ugly but it’s easy to use.

Pricing Policy

It’s $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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